100% CGI bear for ‘Third Wheel’ created by The Mill


Mill artists made this 100% CGI bear for ‘Third Wheel’ from Juice Pharma and Director Jesper Ohlsson of Backyard Productions.

The cuddly grizzly was meticulously modelled from scratch earlier than being rigged, animated, then rendered with photo-real high quality. The Mill’s Rigging crew created proprietary muscle and skin simulation strategies, working in close conjunction with the FX and Simulations crew on fur collisions and wind simulations. This ensured that movement of, and interactions with the bear’s fur had been are real looking as potential.

The Animation crew then breathed life into the digital creature, giving it a substantial amount of character and unique character.

The bear was seamlessly built-in into the live action plates by means of each 2D and 3D lighting and rendering. Using photographic references, the crew had been capable of precisely re-created the lighting seen on-set, additional integrating the bear into the scene and cementing its realism.