The Spanish Princess – Season 2: VFX Breakdown by BlueBolt

London based studio BlueBolt presents their visual effects work on the second season of THE SPANISH PRINCESS

HIS HOUSE: VFX Breakdown by Framestore

Framestore presents their work on the special kind of haunted house, HIS HOUSE

REBECCA: VFX Breakdown by Milk Visual Effects

The seamless work of Milk Visual Effects for the Netflix movie, REBECCA

Outlander – Season 5: VFX Breakdown by Goodbye Kansas Studios

The work of Goodbye Kansas Studios on the fifth season of OUTLANDER:

THE GOOD LORD BIRD: VFX Breakdown by Ingenuity Studios

VFX Breakdown by Ingenuity Studios about their work on the Showtime limited series, produced by Blumhouse Television, THE GOOD LORD BIRD

SPACE FORCE: VFX Breakdown by Weta Digital

Let’s have a look at the work of Weta Digital on chimp Marcus for the first season of SPACE FORCE:

The VFx of ‘We can be Heroes’

This NETFLIX video breaks it down.

Framestore’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ Shoggoth Breakdown

Now you can see how Framestore executed the creature shots in this making-of reel, which breaks down the live-action photography, stand-ins and...

Black Swan – Re-visit the film’s VFx reel

Such a great mix of invisible Fx. It seems like a fair number of films released in 2010 featured...

Watch VFX breakdown for ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ from Chicken Bone FX’s

Watch VFX breakdown for ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ from Chicken Bone FX’s You’ve by no...