Mitti: Virasat Babbaran Di

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Salute Movie VFx Showreel WorkRemove (Mustaches, Chain, Wall Paint, Grenade, Man, Army Officer Badges), CG (Fireworks & Sky, Muzzles & Blood, Moon, Road Gate Text,...

Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan

Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan Movie VFx Showreel WorkWire Removal 2D Paint Reflection remove from Glasses Matchmoving 2D Rotoscope Movie Title

Great Sardaar

Work Wire Removal 2D Paint Matchmoving Blue Screen Compositing Day to Night Conversion Rotoscope Digital Intermediate (DI) Movie Edit Trailer Edit Teaser Edit Motion Poster Title Design Digital Designs

Asli Punjab

WorkComplex Green Screen Compositing Matchmoving2D Rotoscope Title Design Digital Intermediate (DI) Movie Final Edit Movie Songs Edit Trailer Edit

The Hero Chiyou Movie

WorkComplex Wire Removal Matchmoving 2D Rotoscopy

Rise of the Legend Movie

<!-- --> WorkMatchmoving 2D Rotoscopy

Monster Hunt Movie

<!-- --> WorkMatchmoving 2D Rotoscopy

Brothers Movie Work MatchmovingRotoscope

Any Body Can Dance 2 Movie   Work MatchmovingRotoscope