CGI Animated Short Film: “The Boy & The Robin” by The Animation School


CGI 3D Animated Short Film: The Boy & the Robin Animated Short Film by The Animation School.

A heroic cowboy must prevent a squad of armed goons from escaping the town after a bank heist. At least, that’s what young Adam believes he must do in his imagination. Inspired by his favourite action and adventure television show, a gripping imaginary battle leaves brave Adam in a suspenseful face-off which inevitably ends in a bang. The lines between imagination and reality become blurred as Adam is forced to face a shift in paradigm.

Credits :

The Animation School:

Digital Artists: Hannah O’Brien, Tian Westraad, Tamika Bramwell, Conor Louw, Storm Arendse, Storm Arendse, Abraham Mohotsi, Hayleigh Gundry, Conor, Hanno van der Merwe, Kyle Ryan.

Foley – Damian Howard

Original Score – Shaun Crawford

Instrumental Sound – Louisa Theart, Lee Thompson, Andrew Hoole, David Langford, Greg Abrahams

End Credits Vocalz – Alanna Joy