Deluxe Entertainment Services India Pvt Ltd, Pune


Deluxe Entertainment Services Groupis the main provider of a broad vary of entertainment industry companies and technologies to main Hollywood Studios and a world clientele base and invitations you to be part of our distinctive artist centric surroundings. The firm gives an entry to work on a few of Hollywood’s largest blockbusters by means of their Stereo and VFX businesses. Interested candidates can apply for the below positions:


  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience managing technical integration and implementation of production teams.
  • Ability to confidently lead and collaborate with other managers to achieve a unified and well-executed goal.
  • Strong project management skills, managing schedules, scope and costs for projects.
  • Update and maintain production technologies for proper maintenance and installation.
  • Experience with project management software such as flux or tactic.


  • Minimum 3 year of experience in 2d animation and strong knowledge of color theory and lighting.
  • Experience creating detailed style guides and familiarity with artistic styles and film.
  • Classical illustration/animation experience is an asset, work closely with the creative team on the film’s look, color and mood, also create color models for characters, props and effects.
  • Work closely with Background Painters to maintain uniformity in the color and composition of the film.
  • Identify and resolve any color issues or inconsistencies.


  • Minimum 3 year of experience is required.
  • Working experience in Harmony based Ink & Paint Workflow.
  • Work with Ink & Paint Lead and Production team
  • Ensure quality and timely output.


  • Minimum 3 yearsof Traditional 2D feature or series animation/in-between experience.
  • Strong sense of traditionally animated timing and spacing.Strong understanding of technical basis in 2D animation.Classical/hand drawn animation/in-between experience.
  • Aid to realize the Director’s vision through the creation of consistent, compelling performances.
  • Completing rough animation by providing drawings using information provided by the animator and working from 2D visual development reference.


  • 5+ years of production management leadership experience. Animation experience with Harmony pipeline is a plus.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with Directors, Supervisors, and Production Management throughout a production.
  • Collaborate with the Producer, Line Producer, Production Managers and Department Heads in the management of all phases of the production.
  • Assist in the overall management of the departments, through scheduling, production planning, and troubleshooting.
  • Provide support to Line Producer and Supervisors to enable them to complete their work.


  • 3+ years of experience in production. Animation experiencewith Harmony pipeline is a plus.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision, Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Assist in the day to day procedures of the department(s), through scheduling, production planning, and troubleshooting.
  • Provide support to Production Managers, Supervisors, and Artists to enable them to complete their work.
  • Use and maintain planning and tracking systems.

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