Jumanji: The Next Level – VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX


Watch this superb & insightful VFX Breakdown “Jumanji: The Next Level” by the talented crew at Rodeo FX.
Throughout the project, Rodeo FX have been tasked with a wide range of work, throughout many sequences within the movie. We created a wide range of visual effects, from animation, to creature work, to digidoubles, environment, and in depth FX simulation.

Rodeo FX work might be seen all through your entire movie, together with the opening shot of the movie.

Some of Rodeo FX favorite work was creating photoreal CG Camel belongings, animating and integrating them into a large number of vast, medium and close up shots.

Some of Rodeo FX most gratifying work might be seen within the Magic River Waterfall sequence, the place we animated our photograph actual CG Horse asset, and different CG digidouble heroes jumping into the water, then by means of animation, creature fx, muscle system, hair grooming and FX water simulation, created a shot the place the CG Horse whips their head round like a traditional shampoo commercial.

Once again tasked with making a CG Hippo within the Hippo’s Back sequence with water simulation and interplay, and our crew additionally created a somewhat giant CG Snake for the Snake Surprise shots that grabs a CG Digidouble of Oberon, which we animated, lit and comped.

In the Plane Drop shot, Rodeo FX created the CG aircraft and added animation to our main digidoubles characters falling into the sand dune with blasts of sand via FX simulation.

As was beforehand finished for the final film, Player Menus have been created and up to date for every character, getting new Strengths and Weaknesses for the story line.

The Magic Map reveals have been ours as soon as again, the place the maps and areas appeared for every stage. One shot particularly had a big improve the place we added a camera movement which zoomed in on one of many primary areas. Our Matte Painting department needed to totally recreate that map over some 2.5D layering to get that 3D space feeling.

Rodeo FX have been the primary vendor responsible for the large Ice Wall sequence, creating an enormous totally 3D asset incorporating many passes of FX simulation for snow.

We labored extensively on the Berry Tree room, the place we have been tasked with creating the precise giant tree, the berry Soul switch and the magic water effect. The crew approached that effect through some multi 3D FX passes lit and comped.

Once again, Rodeo FX is proud to have had the prospect to have contributed to this difficult and entertaining movie.